Parish Training


Training Modules and Specialised Training

Mandatory Diocesan Child Protection Policy training

If you are planning to work with people aged under 18 (on a paid OR voluntary basis) in an Anglican church, you require a Blue Card in your name and you need to have completed CPP Training (available online here) before you begin your work*.

*There may be a few exceptions at any given time, as set out in legislation and ACSQ policy, but this should be taken to be the broad rule.

AYCF is able to offer face to face training with a group if you would prefer that to the online option. Please contact us at to discuss.

Your AYCF team will be happy to come to your parish or deanery and deliver training (at no charge) on a range of AYCF topics, such as:

·       “Talking Circle” meeting facilitation - a proven method for deciding why and how your parish would like to engage with youth, children and families.

·       “Open Space” meeting facilitation – a meeting format which produces results with maximum time efficiency, addressing topics raised by the attendees in response to an overarching question.

·       Creating and sustaining an All-Age worship service

·       All-age social action

·       Engaging with tweens

·       Engaging with youth

·       Engaging with young adults

·       Engaging with young families in your community


Youth Leader Training Modules (developed in conjunction with Youth Ministry Network Queensland). Each module is intended to be delivered over 60 minutes.

1. You, the leader.

2. Leadership styles.

3. Group Facilitation.

4. Leading for Discipleship.

Our aim in our consultancy services is to encourage and equip local groups to flourish.  Members of our staff are available to visit your parish, group, school or agency to consult with your leadership team. Whatever your concerns may be – planning, growing, diversifying, meeting the needs of your members, new ideas for programming, encouraging people to develop their own ministries, or making connections with your community – go ahead and book a workshop with our Ministry team to kick start the process by emailing or calling Jonathan on (07) 3514 7432.

A typical session at a parish might be held on a Saturday and look something like this:

10am – 12pm: Children’s Ministry in Theology and Practice

·       Children and God

·       Child Development in Body, Mind and Faith

·       Children in Church

·       Planning and creating Children’s Ministry / Safe Ministry

·       Teaching and engaging Children

·       Resources and ideas

12pm – 12.30pm: Lunch (provided by parish or available close nearby)

12.30 – 2.30pm: Youth Ministry in Theology and Practice

·       Big picture: Goals and Strategies

·       Contacting and Evangelising

·       Developing Spiritual Maturity

·       Working with Youth Leaders / Safe Ministry

·       Resources and Ideas

This allows clergy and/or people interested in both areas to make a day of it, whereas specialists may come and go. Handouts and numerous links to resources are provided.  The sessions are interactive wherever possible and adaptable to the needs of the parish.

At the time of writing, there is no charge to the parish for a workshop of this kind! It is what the MEC is called to do within our Church, including regional areas.

Jonathan Kemp and Erica Skerman have also been authorised to conduct Diocesan Child Protection Policy and Social Media Policy training.  This training typically takes about 1 – 1 1/4 hours and participants are then able to receive a certificate from the Office of the Director of Professional Standards to acknowledge their completion of the training.  Please contact Jonathan directly (see above) for more details.  This training could be added easily before or after a parish Ministry Training day.