Other Recommended Resources

Christian Education

·       Libraries:

·       www.roscoe.org.au  If you’re an Anglican parishioner, you may borrow a wide range of resources (books, journals, DVDs, etc) at no charge after joining the Roscoe Library at St Francis College, Milton: (07) 3514 7419.

·       Sunday School options and resources

·       Resources for Engaging with the Bible (all ages)

·       www.Here2Stay.org.au (an ecumenical Australian site suggesting a strategy for discipling children based on 10 Formative experiences: we recommend it and support it.)

·       10 Tips for starting a ‘Sticky Faith’ Youth Ministry from Scratch.

·       Giving a youth talk using the Hook, Look, Book, Took approach

·       http://day1.org/ (Video resources applicable for many areas)

·       Quick Children’s Activities

·       Admission to Communion resources

·       Confirmation resources

·       The G.O.S.P.E.L in 5 minutes

·       Lost Sheep Resources

·       Religious Education Resources and Ideas


·       Messy Church (An all-age worship strategy, particularly effective in attracting and retaining children and families)

·       This is Discipleship (short animated video on mission)

·       16 tactics for getting more kids in Sunday School

·       Going 4 Growth (Church of England resources)

·       Evangelism focussing on Children’s Ministry:

·       3 Ways to Make God Real for Kids

·       Once Upon the Bible

·       The ABC’s of Spiritual Growth

·       Making the Bible Irresistible for Kids

·       Making God Real to a Skeptical Public

·       Kids’ Clubs (GFS / Kidsplus+)

·       Youth group program ideas

·       Games (choose by number of participants; indoors/outdoors; scripture-based or not; etc.)

·       Discussion Starters (a huge range of free resources, arranged by topic)

·       Halloween resources and alternatives

Service and Justice

·       Ways for Children to perform Mission and Service

·       Anglicare SQ

·       Australian Student Christian Movement (ASCM)

·       TEAR Fund Australia: Young Adults Network (Qld)

·       Angligreen

Community Life

·       Inter-generational activities

·       Involving_Children (and young people – access and participation in Church)

·       ApprenticesGuildOutline (“Apprentices Guild” program for young people leaving Sunday School: contact us for more information)

Social Justice

Our Anglican Ethos regarding Social Justice

The Anglican Church of Australia, as part of the world wide Anglican Communion, sees justice and peace as being central to the mission of the Church. As such the broad family that is the Anglican Church has views on a range of issues, including:

·       Energy, Environment and Climate Change

·       Euthanasia

·       Issues impacting on families

·       Cloning and Genetic Therapy

·       Homosexuality

·       Reproduction – IVF and Abortion

·       Immigration and Multiculturalism

·       Economic and Employment Issues

·       Reconciliation and other Indigenous Issues

The Anglican Church is united in its efforts to respond to the seven Marks of Mission. The Marks of Mission provide a useful reference to direct our day to day efforts as we strive to fulfill the Mission of the Church:

1.     To proclaim the Good News of the Kingdom

2.     To Teach, baptize and nurture new believers

3.     To respond to human need by loving service

4.     To seek to transform unjust structures of society

5.     To strive to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

6.     To worship and celebrate the Grace of God

7.     And to live as one holy catholic and apostolic Church.

The following Christian agencies seek to end all forms of injustice in society. They would welcome your involvement by way of your time, your energy and/or your resources

Agencies / Web resources


Australian Board of Missions (Resources, Events, Pilgrimages, etc…)

Anglicare SQ


TEAR Fund Australia

Current Affairs and Issues


For resources and inspiration on specific issues, please visit our page: /christian-questions/

Social Action Ideas for Families

Ideas from our Faithful Families blog:

Service Projects for Families with Primary-school Aged Children

·       Have a look at the video on the LifeVestInside.com website. Show it to your children and ask them what it means to them? Discuss ways you might show kindness to the people around you each day during Lent.

·       Have children cut out grocery coupons to give to a local parish or place where food is distributed to those in need.

·       Make gift baskets for a nearby nursing home or assisted facility for older adults

·       Schedule a time for families to hold and rock babies in a hospital nursery

·       Be welcoming attendants as a family at a shelter or drop-in centre.

·       As a family, volunteer to stuff envelopes or deliver a bulletin/magazine or a large mailing at your church.

·       No electricity night: This is a great idea to help your family think about their dependence on electricity and also how they might be able to reduce their energy consumption to help the environment. It also might help you all to think about how many people live throughout the world. Have a night at home where you cannot use anything that requires electricity. This includes cooking the meal and lights and everything else.  Who copes best?

·       Visit www.secondbite.org.  SecondBite exists to provide access to fresh, nutritious food for people in need across Australia. We do this by rescuing and redistributing surplus fresh food, building community capacity in food skills and nutrition and advocating for an end to food insecurity.

·       One really interesting way to get your family involved in service is to go on a volunteering holiday. By doing this your family can go somewhere different, meet new people and get involved in making a difference in the world. Organisations such ashttp://www.volunteerholiday.com.au  arrange and oversee the trips and provide guides and other necessary information.

Ways for Children to perform Mission and Service

Here are some ways to keep humility at the forefront of your children’s ministry:

·       Helping Kids Become Mission-Minded

·       The Least of All

·       Using Dr. Suess Books to Teach Bible Truths

·       Genuine Humility: An Act of Love