Exploring Your Faith

If you’re interested in putting your faith in action by exploring a vocation within the Anglican Church, start here: Vocations 

To understand any religion, you should be asking lots of questions.  Anglicans in Brisbane are encouraged to ask questions and seek answers.  It is not possible to offer definitive, final answers to every question you might have about Christianity or the Anglican Church here in just one page, but we have included links to places we feel may be likely to inform your thinking about the subject in useful ways.

Because of the breadth of beliefs across the Anglican Church worldwide, and because of the nature of the Internet’s constantly changing content, we cannot guarantee that everything contained within the links below at any given moment will necessarily correspond with the official views of the Anglican Diocese of Brisbane, so nothing you read via the links below should be taken as the official position of the Brisbane Church.

As well as following these links, we would encourage you to speak to your local Anglican priests, youth ministers and committed Christians, and listen to what they say.

Questions about being Christian

·       Anglican Diocese of Brisbane page

Questions about being Anglican

·       Anglican Diocese of Brisbane page

Questions about the Bible

·       Anglican Diocese of Brisbane page  

Questions about how Christians are to live today

·       Rhythms.org (Tear Fund UK)

·       The Centre for Parent/Youth Understanding

·       Fervr.net

·       The Source for Youth Ministry

·       Responding to other religions: Tony Blair Faith Foundation

·       Hot topic: Refugees and asylum seekers

A Bible study process took place at Brisbane Synod 2013 to complement a new DSRC study guide, Asylum seekers and refugees: Scriptural, theological and ethical approaches – available  here in booklet format (for printing both sides on A3 paper, setting ‘flip on short edge’), or here for printing on single A4 pages.

To assist parishes, schools and agencies in their engagement with the study guide, the DSRC have also developed two shorter biblical ‘pre-studies’: 1. “Who do you say I am?: Issues of language and naming” (available here in A5 booklet format or here in single A4 pages) 2. “What have you done to us, bringing us out of Egypt?: Coping with change” (available here in A5 booklet format or here in single A4 pages).

·       Discussion paper 1 (July 2011): This discussion paper outlines key terms in the refugee debate, and summarises recent data on asylum seeker/refugee activity in Australia. It also summarises a number of key international documents relevant to the debate eg the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the 1951 Convention on the Status of Refugees.

·       Discussion paper 2 (Nov 2011): This second discussion paper examines some recent Australian policy responses in light of our commitment to, and the principles espoused in, key international documents which have been signed and/or ratified by Australia.

·       Discussion paper 3 (March 2012): This report, the third in the series, examines possible scriptural, theological and ethical approaches to the question of asylum seekers and refugees. The bible studies above complement this paper.

·       Hot topic: Sex and dating

·       http://joelmayward.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/why-saying-just-wait-isnt-enough-for.html