Becoming a Youth, Children and Families Minister


If you are contemplating whether God may be calling you to a Vocation within the ordained ministry (as an Anglican priest or deacon), start here. (

If you are wanting to work as a Social Worker specialising in children or youth, we’d suggest you contact Anglicare directly.

If you are looking for information on how to start or continue leading a Youth Group in a parish, click here.

But if you are feeling that God may be calling you towards a vocation in Youth, Children’s and Families Ministry, and you would like to know more about becoming a professional Anglican YCF Minister, that’s great!

The first thing you should do is contact me , Jonathan Kemp, on (07) 3514 7432 or, so I can give you the most up to date information on what’s required and how many positions are likely to be available, etc.

Some parishes employ a full-time YCF Minister, but in most, you would be working on a part-time contract basis, often for around 10-15 hours per week, and very typically on Friday nights and Sundays.  You would need to think about time, money and your other commitments.

The specific process of appointing someone as a YCF Minister is under review right at the moment, but the following is true at the time of writing:

·       You will need to be an active, communicant member of the Anglican Church of Australia – baptised and confirmed (if you’re not, you should visit your preferred Anglican church and speak to the priest there.)

·       You should be 18+ (21+ would be great) and care deeply about the welfare and spiritual lives of young people.

·       You will need to hold a “Blue Card” (certifying suitability to work with children) from the Qld Commission for Children and Young People & Child Guardian:

·       If you currently hold a “Volunteer” Blue Card, but are intending to become a paid worker, you will need to reapply for a “Paid” Blue Card. This usually doesn’t take long, and paid employees can start as long as they have applied for a card while volunteers must have a card before starting.  In either case, if the person already has a card, then the parish should validate the card by completing the appropriate form and sending it to the Commission.  If the person starting has a volunteer card, then he/she must apply for a paid card and pay the fee.

·       You will also need to complete a “Safe Ministry Check” and have that cleared by the Diocesan Director of Professional Standards, and attend Child Protection Training.

·       If you pass these checks, you are eligible to be Licensed by the Archbishop as a YCF Minister within a particular parish.

·       Ideally, all Youth, Children’s and Families (YCF) Ministers would be employed by the Diocese, rather than directly by a parish. This helps to ensure you are being paid the correct amount, that legislation is being met, etc.

·       The current “rules” for appointing a YCF Minister for a parish (including current pay rates) may be found in ParishRegulationXV (2011) of the “Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Brisbane”, but remember that they are under review right now (April 2013).

·       The current pay rates at the time of writing (April 2013) are:

Youth and Children’s Minister per annum

Band 3 = 100% MRS

$51,477 ($26.05 phr)

Band 2 = 80% MRS

$41,182 ($20.84 phr)

Band 1 =  “National Minimum Wage (approx 65% MRS)” at July 2012 is $606.40 pwk ($15.96 phr)65% of current  MRS  = $643.46 pwk  ($16.93 phr)(All figures above should not be assumed as correct until confirmed by HR/Payroll.)

·       The difference between the Bands above is explained in more detail on the last page of Parish Regulation XV (see the link above), but again, this is under review.

·       The Regulations do not allow for “Casual” employees – you are either “Full-time” or “Part-time”.

·       The Diocesan Human Resources Dept has created a Stipendiary Youth Minister Employment Agreement Template where each parish can fill in the relevant details, and then send it to Ms Tanya Oates, HR Manager, to be checked (email:  This template document should make life a lot easier for everyone!

·       To qualify for Band 3 on the scale above, ideally you would have completed some formal study and/or training in Youth/Children’s Ministry.  There are many courses of this kind available so you should look around and decide which one you think will give you the knowledge and skills you will need to do a good job.  Some courses also cost a lot more than others.  The Anglican Church in this Diocese does not currently offer or approve a particular course, but we plan to offer such a course in the future, and I’d be happy to discuss the options with you in the meantime.

We also offer regular training and networking sessions (e.g. RISE day and Bring It!) across all parts of the Diocese, so keep an eye out for events happening near you.  They would be a perfect time for a chat about you and your calling!

There are several professional YCF Ministers working in the Diocese at the moment (praise God) and it would be good for you to speak to one or more of them to get a feel for what’s involved.  Talk to me and I can introduce you.

So pray about it; think about it; and then give me a call.  I look forward to hearing from you!